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1. Strategic plan to be a tool for planning and financing activities.

The Board, the organization Director and the staff have earmarked the importance of having a five year Strategic plan that is in line with the on-going national frameworks and the Five Years National Development Plan…Read more..

2. Advocating youth’s initiatives for Climate Change in Same District.

To raise awareness of youths in Same district, involve them, build their capacities and in inculcate the practice of adapting and mitigating adverse effects of climate change, while contributing to productivity and …Read more..

3. Concept note:: Tamarillo (TREE TOMATOES) Farming and Processing.

Tamarillo (Tree tomato) farming and processing is an entrepreneurial and agribusiness project designed to improve local community economy and conserving environment in the highlands of Pare Mountains. In…Read more..

4. FLEAT tackles Climate Change in Tanzania.

Day one: I was invited to attend a workshop in Same, Tanzania around “Connecting Poverty to Climate Change”. One of the key points was around “Changing the Mindset”. In the Tanzania context it describes changing the way you …Read more..